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Home Learning Schedule

We have worked hard to build a school-wide schedule that supports the developmental needs of students, best practice instruction and tricky family schedules.

Schedule Highlights:

  • Standard school-wide schedule daily.
  • Mornings: All core instruction (live or recorded) followed immediately by practice.
  • Afternoons: Independent work, small group work/differentiation, intervention, special services, and specials.
  • More live opportunities for instruction
  • Daily office hours to reach teachers as a parent or for students to get additional support.

Please remember...Although we are starting this year with virtual learning, this is school!


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District News

Title IX empowering students to end sexual violence
On Thursday, April 29 we were excited to have more than 50 people come together for our first Title IX Advisory Council meeting. Unfortunately, we were "Google bombed" by outside people that were disruptive with loud music, profanities, nudity and weapons. We had to immediately ask the community who had joined, to log off, and look for a follow up to this meeting for a chance to reschedule with a more secure link.
Taking steps to close the achievement gap

While many may think that being in the midst of a pandemic would slow down the work of the Strategic Plan, many key initiatives have actually been sped up so they can launch in Fall 2021 to help support the needs of students after this unexpected year