Courtney Kingsley

    1st grade
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    Years at Ryan and grade levels taught:  I have been part of the Ryan staff since 2007.  I have taught first grade.
    Years as an Educator in other schools and assignments:  I have been teaching since 2001.  I have taught third grade in Illinois for two years, first and second grade in Brighton 27J for four years.   
    University/colleges attended and degrees conferred:
    I graduated from Elmhurst College, in Elmhurst Illinois, with a Bachelors degree.
    I graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with an ESL endorsement.
    Personal Teaching Philosophy:
    I have been an educator since 2000, and can confidently state that my Philosophy of Education is still transforming and evolving.  Each year I have welcomed new learners into my classroom.  These learners have had different strengths and needs, and have required differentiated lessons and activities to be successful.  It is my job as an educator to provide my learners with the best, most effective learning environment possible so the utmost learning can occur in the short amount of time that I have my students.  My teaching strategies; modeled and direct instruction, small and whole group activities, partners, group and independent work, will vary according to the type of lessons that I am engaging my learners in.  I believe that all students can be successful when learning.  I model desired behavior, and plan effective and stimulating lessons and activities that will challenge the minds of my learners.   My lessons that are taught in my classroom will be aligned with the Common Core Standards.  The objectives or learning targets for my lessons will be displayed clearly so my learners will be able to take responsibility for their own learning.  By having meaningful conversations, my students will be able to make connections between what is being learned and how it relates to their lives outside the classroom.
    I will develop relationships will all my learners and interact with my students regularly.  I will provide my learners with a rich, safe environment that fosters authentic activities. I will graciously accept feedback from others on how I can improve as an educator.  I will continue my own learning by participating in professional development activities.  I will plan and administer authentic assessments, and encourage language development through discussions and class activities. Assessments will be given frequently and used to drive instruction.  I believe in teamwork and working collaboratively with others to prepare efficient lessons and activities.  I will encourage and welcome parent support in my classroom. I believe that parent support is a necessity to the academic success of children.  I will reflect on my Philosophy of Education regularly to ensure that myPhilosophy of Education continues to be a working and living document in my teaching practices.  My Philosophy of Education will continue to change over time as a result of future experiences that I will be engaged in. 
    Hobbies, interests, personal info:
    My husband and I moved to Colorado, from Illinois, in 2003.  My husband teaches at Boulder High School.  I have two sons, Winston and Higgins, which keep me busy.  I enjoy hiking, biking, running, and swimming.  Training for triathlons is my passion, when I have time to train.  I also like to lift weights, and do Pilates and yoga.  I am a life-long learner, and am always looking for ways to challenge myself.